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ASTech (Atlantic Simulation & Training Technologies) specialise in products and services for training, exam software and competency assessment systems in specific industries. We target in particular the aviation and electric utility industrial sectors.

Our particular focus is on specialised software for certifying exams such as Part 66 exams in EASA Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisations and JAA / FAA Flight Training Organisations (FTOs).

One of our flagship products is GEMS (General Examination Management System), an exam management system, that automates the exam generation and correction process of exams for e.g. maintenance, cabin crew or pilot training. With GEMS exam management can be performed in minutes.

The company’s key activities include development of:

Our mission is to provide world-class high quality solutions at affordable prices for our clients worldwide.

Our vision is to be among world leaders in training, exam software and competency assessment tools for aviation and electric utility industries.



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22.10.2013 A new version of GEMS Basic (version 1.6.2) has been released. More info here!

22.10.2013 ASTech's News Update. Read it here!

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